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AKC and CKC Registered Female

Standard Poodle


Photos and info coming soon!

Whitlie is our AKC and CKC registered Apricot and White Parti Female Poodle!  Whitlie is almost the same size and age as our Maserati at about 65lbs.  Whitie is the most independent girl we have ever owned.  That should not be confused with shy or unloving for which she is neither.  She is able to entertain herself and is not overly needy.  She still loves attention but isnt constantly trying to seek it out!  She can be a little stubborn at times but its obvious that its because she is too smart for her own good!  She knows how to get her way with her cute antics!  She is a lower energy poodle.  She can play hard with the best of them and then crash for most of the day.  Whitlie is another great example of a standard poodle is structure.  She is heavy built which is a quality we expect her to pass to her babies. Look for Whitlie's first litter in mid to late 2018!
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