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Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee


To the best of our knowledge and belief, this dog is in good health at the time of sale.  This dog is apparently free of and does not exhibit any signs of contagious or infectious disease, is apparently free from and does not exhibit any signs of defects which are hereditary; and does not exhibit any signs of being clinically ill on the date of sale.  


This dog is guaranteed to be free of hereditary defects, that would cause inevitable euthanization of the dog or severly hinders the quality of life for the dog, for three years from the dogs date of sale.  This guarantee will only be valid provided the purchaser ensures that the dog receives four complete sets of vaccinations, annual vaccinations, monthly heartworm and preventative flea medication.  The seller has given the dog its first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks and worming medication at two, four, and six weeks.  The dog must also be spayed or neutered by one year of age or the health guarantee will be void.


If a genetic defect  such as hip/elbow dysplasia ect. is diagnosed by a veterinarian, within the guaranteed time period stated above, the purchaser must notify the seller within two business days of the veterinarian examination.  To have a valid claim the purchaser must provide the seller a statement from the veterinarian that diagnosed the condition of the dog, along with documentation that the required four sets of vaccinations have been completed, annual vaccinations have been completed, and monthly heartworm and flea medication have been given and that the puppy has been spayed or neutered (if one year of age).  If the claim is valid, the purchaser would have the following option:


If a fatal genetic defect is diagnosed within two years from the date of sale, the purchaser will be given a replacement dog (of equal value) , of the purchasers choice.  If a replacement dog will not be available within one year, the seller will give a full refund of the purchase price (not including any shipping costs).   If a fatal genetic defect is diagnosed between two and three years of the date of sale, the purchaser will have the option to purchaser a puppy of equal value at half the original purchase price.  If a puppy of equal value will not be available for one year, the seller will return half the price of the puppy to the purchaser.  No veterinary fees will ever be paid for by the sellers of the dog.  Shipping fees will never be paid for by the sellers of this dog.  We never require a purchasers dog to be returned for a replacement puppy or refund to be given.


The following are circumstances in which the claim is not valid or null and void and no replacement puppy or refund will be given:


The dog has not received all four sets of puppy vaccinations, annual vaccinations, rabies, and monthly heartworm and flea medication.  The puppy is a year old and not spayed or neutered.  The purchaser is found negligent by the examining veterinarian and is found to have caused the condition.  The condition is treatable (within reason) and euthanization is not necessary and the dogs life is not severly hindered by the condition.  The dog is euthanized before the seller of the dog is contacted (exception is if the dog dies of natural causes)  The dog dies of environmental causes.  This guarantee does not cover growing pains, parvo, strangles, heartworm, any parasites both internal or external, umbilical hernias, GDV or any other conditions not related to hereditary defects that could be, and are most likely contracted after the puppy left the breeders home.


The purchaser of the dog understands that dogs require regular veterinary maintenance and can develop health issues at any time that can be very costly.  The purchaser also agrees to do all in their power, within reason, to avoid the euthanization of the dog as long as does not severly hinder the dogs quality of life.  


All Puppies are sold with NO breeding rights.  The puppy must be  spayed/neutered by one year of age and documented proof of this must be sent to the breeder by 13 months of age. If the breeder does not receive proof of spay/neuter by 13 months of age, then this entire health warranty will be void.  It will also be assumed the dog is being used for breeding.   The buyer shall pay the breeder an additional five times the purchase price of the dog for breeding rights.  If , for any reason, a dispute about the said puppy/dog goes to court, it shall be taken up in the Ottawa County, MI courts. 


The seller cannot guarantee color, size, or temperment.  These can only be estimated, while in the short time in the breeders possession, based on experience, and can always change or differ from this estimation and are ultimately outside of the breeders control.  


The seller will not refund money for the dog, due to the purchaser's allergies to animals, landlord's disapproval, disagreement of family, the dog is no longer desired, or for any other practical reason.  The seller also claims no responsibility for any injury or illness that could be and  was most likely contracted after the date of purchase.  The purchaser must contact the breeder first if the dog can no longer be kept.  The dog should never be brought to the shelter as it can be returned at any time to the seller (but no refund will be given for anything not related to the conditions this health guarantee covers.)  The breeder must also assist in the rehoming of the dog, at any age in its life, if the owner can no longer keep it.  The seller is available for any questions during the entire lifetime of the dog.  


All aspects of this contract (sales contract, spay/neuter contract, health guarantee) are binding as soon as the puppy is in possession of the purchaser in order protect the breeder, the buyer, and most importantly the wellfare of the dog.



We Hope You Enjoy Your New Dog For Years To Come!


Date of Sale:__________________ Date of Birth: _______________ M/F______


Color:_________________________________________ Dam: ___________________ Sire:_________________ Total


Cost of Puppy:____________________










Seller (Print) _________________________________________________________________________



Puppy Sales Contract


The Purpose of this puppy contract is to protect the breeder, the purchaser, and most importantly the wellfare of the dog.  This contract includes a three year health guarantee, a requirement to spay or neuter, a requirment to have the breeder assist if the dog ever must be rehomed, and a promise of lifetime breeder support.  A signed copy of this contract must be mailed to the breeder before a puppy is shipped to the purchaser or must be signed at the time of pick-up.  Thank you for understanding.  We want the best for our babies!



We have always offered a one year health guarantee on all of our babies. We have been asked why we only offer a one year guarantee and our answer is that there is no reason other than that is what we always used.  We have the utmost faith in our adult dogs, our puppies, and our breeding program that we are now offering a three year guarantee on all of our babies!!!

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