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The purpose of a guardian home is to expand and improve our breeding program while still allowing for the greatest possible life for the breeding dog.  The guardian home makes it possible for each dog to have his or her own loving family to meet all of their emotional needs.  All guardian dogs are carefully chosen by us to be, first and foremost a wonderful family pet, and then a good breeding dog to continuously increase the quality of the puppies we produce.  Many of our guardian dogs are puppies from our very own sires and dams so they are from lines we love and trust.  We only choose breeding dogs for guardian homes that we ourselves would want as part of our family as well.


There are numerous advantages to both the breeder and guardian home through this program.  The breeder is able to increase the number of breeding dogs they have while making sure all of their dogs have the love they deserve.  We as breeders, over the years, have found it very difficult to place our males and females when they are to old to breed.  This means that we usually have more retired dogs than we do breeding dogs.  The guardian home program eliminates this problem because when the guardian dog is retired, all rights are signed over to the guardian home so the dog already has a forever home!  The guardian home benefits by being able to own an extremely high quality dog that they may not have been able to own otherwise.  There is also the potential to make money as well as we have a "thank you for loving one of our babies" plan where we pay you a small fee for litters and puppies produced by your guardian dog.  Most importantly the dog benefits from this arrangment because they will be able to have all the unconditional love and attention they need.


*Guardian home must be within a one hour drive from Byron Center, MI and there cannot be any other intact males or females in the home.  Please email if you would like a copy of the entire contract to view.

We may be looking for guardian homes in the future.  If you are interested in becoming a guardian home feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or for a copy of our guardian home contract.


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