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Reserving and Adopting Your New Puppy!

We never require any questionnaire be filled out when adopting a puppy from us.  We have had puppies go to small homes in the city and live wonderful long happy lives as well as farms with lots of room to run.  Our puppies have been adopted by young couples, older couples, families with young and old children, single people, and multiple dog and other pet homes.  All we ask is that our babies to go to loving homes where they will be well taken care of and that their new family is willing to meet the needs of the puppy's breed.  We know that dogs can have great lives in many different living situations as long as they are loved.  Any information you would like to let us know about your family or experience with dogs is always welcome because we do like to know where our puppies are going.

Reserving Your new puppy

Your puppy can be reserved with a $200 nonrefundable deposit.  This can be paid by either cash, check, money order, zelle, venmo, or paypal (add 3% fee for paypal).  At this time, we ask that you let us know what sex and color of puppy you want along with whatever specific markings you are looking for in a puppy. Deposits are completely nonrefundable (no exceptions). Deposits are transferable up to two times.  If the third time we offer a set of puppies to you, you pass, you are then moved to the bottom of the deposit list as it will be assumed the reason for passing is because the timing is not right for your family (you can never lose your deposit unless you decide to no longer adopt a puppy).  This keeps it fair for all families on the list so the the same families are not first choice for every litter everytime.  That is also why we ask for specific color and markings you are looking for, as we will not offer a puppy that does not match what you are looing for.  The more open to color and markings you are, the faster you will have a puppy.  Puppies that have the perfect bernsese mountian dog markings are the most rare and therefore have the longest wait. Most people leave a deposit six to 12 months before a litter is born.  This is for all F1 Standard sized puppies. All mini puppies can only be reserved after the puppies are born Starting December 1, 2014.

Picking Out Your Puppy

Puppies are chosen by order of deposit.  Puppies will start being chosen right away after birth.  People often travel quite a long distance to pick up their puppy, and rarely come get them in the order they are supposed to choose them, so it is very important to choose your puppy as soon as possible if you are at the top of the list.  This also helps us let families know if they will even be getting a puppy in that litter, as each litter can very greatly in color, markings, and sexes.  We ask that each puppy be chosen within three days of when we offer the puppies.  Most families are unable to come to our home during this time and so we have a couple of options for choosing your puppy.  The first option is that we will send several pictures of each puppy with a description of them comparing their size, colors/markings, hair type, and their temperament we observe so that you can choose.  The second option is for you to let us know what kind of personality, size, color/markings,  and hair type you are looking for in a puppy, and we will choose a puppy for you that meets that criteria best.  The majority of our puppies are chosen these two ways as many travel quite far to get them. If you live close enough to visit, you are welcome to come to our home and choose too.  All of our puppies are raised to be of the best temperment as a family pet because that is what all of our adult dogs are.  We will not breed a dog with a personality that is not completely sound as they are our pets too and we want dogs that are easy to deal with.  We get some questions as to worrying about getting a desirable personality in a puppy when they are chosen this early.  We have never once had a problem with a puppy not fitting into a home because of personality. Our puppies are always even tempered and get these wonderful traits from thier parents. Once your puppy is chosen we will send you weekly photos and updates of your puppy so you can see how they are growing.

Final Payment and Pick-up

The remaining balance for the puppy is not due until the puppy is being picked up.  The puppy cannot go to its new forever home until it is paid for completely, no exceptions.  The sales contract must also ve signed at this time.  We accept cash, money order, venmo, Zelle, or paypal (add 3% fee for paypal) for final payment.  We will accept a personal check but the puppy must be paid for two weeks in advance, even if it is going to be picked up in person.  You can save 5% by paying cash at time of pickup! If a puppy is being shipped, it must to be paid for, along with the shipping fee, two weeks prior to shipping and the sales contract must also be signed at this time.  The puppy is ready for its new home at eight weeks of age.  Puppies will come with a toy, blanket, shot and physical record, raising and training tips, and a bag of food. .


*Puppies must be picked up or shipped by nine weeks of age.  If a family chooses to have us keep a puppy longer than nine weeks, their will be a $10 a day boarding fee or a $50 a week fee until 11 weeks of age.  After 11 weeks, if the puppy is still not picked up, it will be offered to another family.  The only exception to this is if a puppy is to be shipped and the flight is cancelled due to weather conditions.  If at any time after you have chosen to adopt a specific puppy, you change your mind, you will be placed at the bottom of the reservation list.

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