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Shipping Information:


We have always always been more than happy to ship your puppy to you. We are however finding it harder and harder to do so and have a good experience and SAFE trip for the puppy. Because of this, we are now extremely limiting the number of puppies that are shipped via cargo.  We do have several other options to help you adopt a puppy no matter where you are!


1.) The best option is for families to of course pick up their puppy in person whether they fly out or drive.  

We are more than happy to meet you at the airport if you choose to fly your puppy as a carry on.  This usually costs around $150 plus the price of the airline ticket to have the puppy as a carry on.  Many people choose this option and use those frequent flyer miles they have stored up!  We meet families at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI.  Please check specific airlines for their requirements before making reservations!


2.) We are willing to meet families part way to shorten their trip up to a couple of hours one way!


3.) We are more than happy to set up ground shipping when we can.  Ground shipping is not available in all parts of the country at all times and is only available to the continental U.S.  Because of scheduling with our ground shippers, we will need to be flexible about when your baby could arrive.  Pros for this service is that your puppy is taken care of in a hands on manner and can be delivered to your door.  The cons are that we cannot ground ship everywhere, your puppy may be en route for several days, your puppy may need to stay longer than eight weeks of age due to shippers availability.  This is going to take planning and flexibility on the new families part and mine.


4.) We are now offering a Puppy Nanny Shipping service!!!  This is a new service we are offering to our adopters!  A member of our family or close friend will fly to an available airport near you for only the price of the ticket and puppy carry on!!!  We are very excited to be offering this new service for our families.  Prices will depend on airline fees and ticket prices.  We will be flying out of Gerald R. Ford international airport in Grand Rapids, MI.  The earlier we can make the reservation, the less expensive this service will be.


Only in extreme cases will I be shipping puppies by cargo air for now on! 


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