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Reservation List

  • Accepting $200 non-refundable deposits for all future litters. Please keep in mind before leaving a deposit that all deposits are 100% nonrefundable (no exceptions).  They are transferable as long as you like though. There is a 3% fee for any payments made with paypal. 

  • ​*Before sending a deposit to us, please first contact us so that we can make you aware of estimated time frames for a puppy that your looking for.  Please also follow these two links to make you aware of our health guarantee and policies.


  • Puppies will be chosen on a first come first serve basis.  When a litter is born, we will begin contacting people at the top of the list who are looking for a puppy that best fits with the litter we have available at the time.

  • The list below does not reflect the order of puppies being picked as families are looking for a specific color, sex, litter, ect and puppies fitting those descriptions might not be born in the order of the families listed.  If a litter does not have enough puppies to fullfill all of the puppies ordered for that litter, the families from that litter who did not get a puppy, will have first choice in the next available litter that matches the description of what they are looking for. For this reason, we will not know exactly what pick you might be for a particular litter as there are many variables going into it.

  • Breeder always reserves the right to choose the first puppy regardless of deposits taken in order to further our breeding program.  We will never, ever offer a puppy for a family to pick and then choose to keep that puppy after it is chosen by them.

  • All puppies are sold on a manditory spay/neuter contract and health guarantee.  We do not offer breeding rights on any of our puppies.  Thank you for understanding!

  • Please Note:  If you decide to pass on a puppy(s), This does NOT mean you will get a better pick on the next litter that is born!  We do not place puppies this way.  We only show families puppies that fit the description of what they are looking for.  If you pass on a litter because of a timing issue, this does not neccessarily mean that there will be a puppy available for you in the next litter.  Each family will get plenty of oppurtinities to see a puppy that they are looking for.  It may be one at a time, or several at a time, but you will only see puppies that fit what you have told us you are looking for so you will be offered a puppy in a reasonable time frame.  You are more than welcome to pass, but we may not be able to accomadate you at exactly the time you are looking for a puppy, or on the next available group of puppies.  We do try our best but some things are out of our control!  We do not want families to miss out on their dream puppy because they are waiting for the next litter when one might not be available for a while after that!



Thank you to all of the families so far who have decided to adopt a future baby!

1.) Groban Family #2

2.)Steinberg Family

3.)Steckein Family

4.)Adams Family

5.)Kennedy Family

6.)Gray Family

These families have left a deposit but are not ready for a puppy right now, so will contact us when they are ready!

If you where on this list,I still have all your information just let

me know you have left a deposit and are now ready for that puppy!

I will have your information!!!!

McGlone Family   

Burman Family    

Artigo Family

LaShomb Family

McNamara Family

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