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CKC and ACA Registered Male

Toy Poodle


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Sorry but he is not available for stud service.

This is Puddles.  He is our CKC and ACA registered rare SilverBeige and White Tuxedo Parti toy poodle.  The best way to descibe puddles is that hes a little snuggle bug. We have not met a person he doesent like.  He hops from lap to lap looking for attention from anyone that will give it too him.  If he is not getting the attention he wants, he will rub up on your leg like a cat. He is such a good boy who listens well and is very smart.  Who couldent be happier with the personality of this little guy.  Toy poodles can be a little rambunctious and sometime shy.  He is exactly the opposite of this.  He spends most of his day napping.  He is also very confident and is not intimidated by strangers or by any other animals.  Puddles is a tiny boy at only 7 lbs.  He has very soft hair.  We are truley impressed by his mini doodle babies.  Average size is 30lbs for his babies!

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

Von Willibrands: Clear

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Hips: Good

Puddles' Health Clearances


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