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Lexus is one of our beautiful AKC and CKC Bernese Mountain Dogs.  She is a very loving and more energetic girl.  She easily puts a smile on everyones face when she comes up to greet them with a kiss and a hug!  She is our attention seeker.  She needs to be by someone constantly.  She especially loves my youngest daughter.  She gets very jealous if someone is getting the attention she thinks she needs!  Lexus is our guard dog and lets us know if someone is here.  She is a little weary of strangers at first but as soon as she knows your a friend,  she wont leave you alone!  Lexus is a smaller built Berner and is not very tall but is short and compact.  She has some of our curliest haired babies which is great for those low-shedding qualities. We have been getting great feedback from the families who adopted her first litter which is something we are always happy about.  She is a smaller Bernese and is about 80lbs.

Lexus' Health Clearances

OFA Hips: Fair

Von Willibrands: Clear

OFA Elbows: Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy: Carrier (Can be safely bred to any Male who is tested Clear with no effect on the offspring) Two copies are required for offspring to have the disease.)


AKA: Lexi, Lex

AKC and CKC Registered Female

Bernese Mountain Dog


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