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AKC and CKC Registered Female

Bernese Mountain Dog

In Memory


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Fancy is one of our AKC and CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dogs. The best way to descripe Fancy would be confident, fun-loving and full of personality.  She is one of the most loving dogs I have ever met.  She makes every person she meets feel like she loves them unconditionally.  She doesent know the meaning of the word stranger.  Fancy is also one of the goofiest dogs we have.  She always greets you with a hand shake. She is extremely laid back too.  Even in the pet store, if you stop for more than ten seconds, she will flop down on the ground.  She is very smart and was easy to train.  We call Fancy our puppy baby sitter, because no matter who has babies, she takes care of them.  She is the very traditional and desirable thick boned Berner.  She weighs a whopping 130 lbs when shes not pregnant so she is one big girl!  She has both American and Champion Hungarian lines. She has had one litter of babies for us but did not get pregnant the last time she was bred.  Even if she doesent have another litter of puppies, she will stay here forever as we would never be able to part with her!  We dont know what we would do without her.
On September 11, 2014 we said goodbye forever to our sweet baby girl.  After a tragic struggle from pregnancy complications, we lost our beautiful Fancy.  Its always can happen when having a litter of puppies but we never dreamed in a million years it would happen to one of our girls.  Fancy touched the lives of many people in our family and others.  We never knew just how many people she affected with her loving nature until she was gone.  She was truely irreplaceable.  She will be forever missed and forever in our hearts.


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