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CKC Registered Female

Standard Poodle


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Audi is our blue and silver abstract phantom CKC standard poodle. She is still changing color so we are excited to see what colors she will end up being when she is completely mature.  She has champion American lines including the famous Kitsue poodles. She is energetic and outgoing.  She is a lot of fun as she loves to play but she is also great at snuggling too.  Audi is by far our most athletic poodle and probably our most athletic dog.  She is also our most mischevious.  She likes to wander out in our back woods and always seems to come back with something smelly and not so pleasant!  She is a farm dog through and through.  Lets just say she loves the cows and her groomings dont keep her clean for long.  Audi is also our alpha female.  She keeps everyone in line but also likes to pick on everyone.  No one seems to mind though which is good.  Audi has a high prey drive as well which is what poodles were originally bred for.  Audi's best friends are Coquette and Stewie.  Probably because they are the only ones who can keep up with her!  Audi is around 60 lbs but she is small and compact which is great for bernedoodles because it keeps her babies from being tall and lanky like some poodles can pass on to their doodles.
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